Just A Couple Of Gear Nuts...

Guitar Gear Giveaway is the result of what happens when two gigging guitar nuts (Sam and Andy) take their passion, interest and obsession for guitar gear to the next level. 

We now have a valid explanation to our families why every minute of the day is spent looking at, talking about and buying guitars. We aim to bring together the knowledge gained through years of gigging and recording with some of the best gear available to bring you the very best prizes. Although much of the gear offered is very much in the dream category we are also keen to get inspirational gear into as many hands as possible at multiple price points and often totally for free.

Sam’s musical background is in song writing and recording. At the heart of what he loves about music is a big riff and a catchy chorus. With his influences somewhere between Luke Bryan, AC/DC and Taylor Swift.

When it comes to guitars and gear Sam is definitely more of a listen, feel it, love kind of guy. Quite often during a gig you would catch Andy taking a look over at Sam’s pedalboard and laughing because every knob is cranked all the way up!

Andy’s passion is all things vintage Gibson, valve amps and how to get them working for you in the best way possible. With 25 years of gigging and recording experience the knowledge and passion gained from this has led to an extensive library of not only high end vintage gear but also how to make gear work for you at any budget.

This experience and passion has translated into a need in finding the most interesting, unique and desirable gear out there at all points within price spectrum.