About Us

Guitar Gear Giveaway is the result of two gigging guitar nuts (Sam and Andy) taking their passion, interest and obsession for guitars and gear to the next level.

We launched our first guitar prize competition in April 2019 and have since had over 2000 winners, given over £1,000,000 in prizes and have grown our community to tens of thousands of people.

None of this would be possible without our amazing team, loyal customers and unending love for guitars.

We are also very lucky that as the business has grown we’ve been able to recruit the help of our friends! Sam, Andy & Dan all play in a band together called Whisky Embers and Geraint is a long time friend of the boys.



Sam - Night shift worker

Drinks way too much coffee and stays up way too late. The kind of guy who phones his team at 3am because he has a cool idea for a comp.


Andy - Guitar Geek

A vintage Gibson nut with a passion for all things guitar. You catch him rocking out on videos here and with our band Whisky Embers.


Dan - Content creator

Founder of "Cocktail Fridays" Dan is our master Youtuber. Smashing out content while also booking prize deliveries and sourcing guitars.


Geraint - Guitar tech

Solving all of life's great questions. How do I stop that buzz? Why won't this stay in tune? Why has my Floyd Rose fallen off my guitar?