Blackstar Dept 10 Dual Distortion Pedal

Blackstar Dept 10 Dual Distortion Pedal

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The Blackstar DEPT 10 Dual Drive is one of the most advanced valve pedals in the world. Blackstar have a great history of fantastic sounding pedals with their HT range, with the Dept 10 range they seek to take all that success and improve upon it. The valves in all Dept 10 pedals run just like an amp at over 200 volts, but still use a pedal friendly 9V power supply. The Dept 10 Dual Drive is a 2 channel pedal with independent gain, volume, and voicing switches giving you an incredible amount of options in a compact pedal design.

Featuring an ECC83 this preamp pedal can go from clean to heavy overdrive and everything in-between. Each channel has its own independent gain, volume, and voicing switch. Combine this with the amp style 3 band EQ and Blackstars unique ISF control you really have so many tones at your disposal. This can easily turn a single channel clean amp into a 3 channel beast.

Embracing the modern age Blackstar have worked on including an incredibly diverse and authentic sounding speaker simulation software system. This means the Dual Drive can connect to your computer where you can work and save 3 great patches you love to the pedal. On the side of the pedal you will find a stereo Cab Rig out which can be used to go straight into a recording interface. On the rear there is an XLR Mono output which can be used to run straight into a mixing desk or active speaker. This software turns this from a simple valve pedal into a potential Amp replacement with the ability to run straight to the front of house at a gig.

  • ECC83 valve driven
  • Runs at 250V like a valve amplifier
  • Overdrive pedal or pre-amp
  • Low latency USB for recording
  • Effects Loop
  • XLR D.I. output
  • Patented ISF control
  • Cab Rig simulator technology
  • Runs on 9V DC (PSU included)
  • Compact design
  • Stunning boutique style

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