Line 6 Helix HX Stomp XL Amp & Effects Processor Pedal #2


Line 6 Helix HX Stomp XL Amp & Effects Processor Pedal #2

Won by Dom Gent with ticket number #95

This competition was drawn on 27/01/2022 6:00 pm

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The¬†HX Stomp XL is an expanded version of Line 6’s¬†best-selling HX Stomp amp and effects processor. Boasting 8 capacitative-touch¬†footswitches rather than just 3, this tactile “super stompbox” offers greater real-time control than the standard unit¬†yet still maintains a compact, pedalboard-friendly form-factor (smaller than two HX Stomps) ‚ÄĒ making it¬†practical for any performing¬†or recording scenario!

300+ Amp, Cabs & Effects!

HX Stomp XL comes equipped¬†with more than 300 amps, cabs¬†and effects¬†‚ÄĒ catering for even the most demanding and musically diverse of players.¬†The 128 factory presets include both vintage and modern sounds based on highly-coveted gear, and there are also presets created specifically for bassists.

Authentic Modelling

HX modelling digitally mirrors the circuitry of analogue amps and effects, component by component. Every model sounds and feels realistic, including¬†notoriously hard-to-capture¬†devices like¬†vintage fuzzes and modulation effects. Simply put, the HX Stomp XL¬†nails the much-desired analogue “vibe”.

Powerful SHARC DSP Chip

Featuring the same SHARC DSP chip found in Line 6’s flagship Helix products, the HX Stomp XL can run up to 8 processing ‘blocks’ simultaneously. The extra assignable footswitches let you access and control these blocks in more powerful and efficient ways, meaning that the¬†HX Stomp XL is simply¬†designed to be more flexible for use onstage¬†than the original HX¬†Stomp.

  • Brand new
  • The power of HX Stomp ‚ÄĒ¬†now with eight footswitches!
  • Exceptional sound quality with 123dB of dynamic range
  • Features the same SHARC DSP chip and HX Modelling as Helix processors
  • Eight capacitive-touch footswitches with colour-coded LED rings
  • More than 300 HX and legacy amps, cabs¬†and effects ‚ÄĒ¬†up to 8 simultaneous
  • Supports third-party impulse responses (IRs)
  • Includes world-class polyphonic pitch-shifting effects
  • Split/parallel signal paths for maximum routing flexibility
  • Dual expression pedal/footswitch input for greater creative control
  • Stereo effects loop (mono/stereo TRS send and stereo returns)

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