Kemper Profiler Stage – The Profiler Floorboard – 3rd Draw


Kemper Profiler Stage – The Profiler Floorboard – 3rd Draw

Kemper Profiler Stage – The Profiler Floorboard - 3rd Draw

Won by damon Wright with ticket number #327

2nd – £10 Website Credit

Won by Kieran Johnson with ticket number #288

3rd – £10 Website Credit

Won by Blake Meyrick with ticket number #687

This competition was drawn on 25/10/2021 6:00 pm

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Kemper is one of those brands we can wholeheartedly say we believe in. Both Sam & Andy at Guitar gear Giveaway use them extensively for recording, live draws and gigging! We love our valve amps, we still own plenty of them but the Kemper is the ultimate tool to capture those incredible tones authentically and bring them 40 years into the future!

It’s reliable, the workflow is unparalleled and there’s really nothing else quite like it🤘

3 Prizes To Win

1st – Kemper Profiler Stage

2nd – £10 Website Credit

3rd – £10 Website Credit

The Kemper Profiler Stage is a multi-effects powerhouse and state-of-the-art guitar amplifier, featuring KEMPER’s unique PROFILING™ technology for capturing the sonic DNA of any guitar amp. It also comes preloaded with a PROFILE™ pool of hundreds of the best guitar amps in the world, created under perfect conditions in professional studios worldwide.

This combination of PROFILER and Remote allows to control, administer and program Performances, as well as manage Rig switches and complex parameter morphs, all in an unparalleled intuitive manner.

The illuminated sunlight-proof display, which increases display contrast even with the sunlight’s intensity, is designed to be viewed from any distance, under any lighting conditions, and the housing is built like a tank. Just what the doctor ordered for touring musicians on dark stages or sunlit outdoor festivals!

Standout Features In a Nutshell

Floorboard featuring a complete PROFILER incl. PROFILING™ with integrated Remote-grade switching system.

The perfect solution for rehearsal rooms, tours and studios. The convenient all-in-one design can be extended with up to four pedals for real-time control and offers two FX loops. Connects in stereo to PA and features mono or stereo monitoring with guitar cabs (no amp incl.). Lightweight with an ultra-rugged build and high durability.

The Looper

There is something magic about loopers. It doesn’t matter if you use them to create layered worlds of sound or to rehearse the complex middle-8 of your last composition.

With a single click of a button, the PROFILER Stage activates loop recording and you can record, overdub and delete by using the buttons on the board. You can reverse, play at half speed and undo takes. The maximum duration of a loop is 60 seconds at half speed or 30 seconds at full speed.

The Best Amps in the World

What can we say? Everything is in there — all the tones the PROFILER is famous for. A huge collection of Rigs from the world’s best tone creators. Studio-grade and stomp FX, featuring the big machine-type delays and reverb FX that are unparalleled in sound and versatility.

Create your own PROFILEs

Own some great sounding amps? Just go ahead — mic ’em up and create your own PROFILEs. Tweak them to your liking and play them at home, in the rehearsal room, and on stage. Share the PROFILEs — maybe even sell them!

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